The Best Group Friendly Restaurant in Orlando, Florida

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen Offers The Ideal Group Dining Experience

Are you sick and tired of trying to book a table at a restaurant, only for them to say they don’t take group bookings? It can be incredibly annoying, particularly when you have a large group of people to dine with. At Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, we’re proud to be a group-friendly restaurant. After all, food is best when enjoyed in the presence of others! We have a range of table sizes to seat all members of your group, so come on down to see what we’re about.

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Fantastic Food and Plenty Of Choices

Big Fin is the best restaurant for large groups as we serve incredible dishes and provide plenty of choices. We understand that it’s tough to find somewhere that caters to all the tastes and dietary requirements of your group. But, our professional chefs are committed to making your experience as delicious as possible. Our menu is extensive, and you can even contact us beforehand to inform us of any dietary issues your group might have.

This just means your whole group can tuck into something they’ll enjoy eating. Nobody is left out, which helps fuel the positive atmosphere here at Big Fin. Want a unique outdoor buffet style with a nice view for your group? We can do that too!

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What Makes Big Fin Such A Great Group Friendly Restaurant?

Besides the fact that we’ve been named among some of the best group restaurants in Orlando and have a TON of 5 Star Reviews there are so many things that set us apart from the rest. If you dine with us, then you get to enjoy these unique features:

  • Innovative & Specially Created Menus: Our chefs can cook some of the most unique and creative dishes using exceptional produce. Our specialties like in seafood and steak and our team will happily help you create the perfect menu for your gathering.
  • Amazing Entertainment: We can set you up with all sorts of entertainment options if you’re here for a special group dining experience. This includes speakers, projection screens, and even photographers. If you’re looking for a fun time, then Big Fin can make it happen
  • Unbelievable Attention To Detail: For any group diners that are planning a special event, we help you go the extra mile. Our team will give you assistance and help you choose specific glassware for your table, and we can even set you up with some gifts. This service is perfect for baby showers, wedding parties, and much more.

To put it simply; we do everything in our power to ensure you have a brilliant experience when dining as a group. Everyone’s needs are taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about keeping everyone happy. Just sit back, eat our delicious food, and enjoy the night!

Hospitality Like No Other

A restaurant is nothing without excellent hospitality and helpful staff. You get both of these in abundance when you come to Big Fin Seafood Kitchen. We find that some places claim to be a group-friendly restaurant, but their hospitality says otherwise. They don’t take the time to ensure everyone in your group is satisfied, and it can damage your overall experience.

With us, we pride ourselves on creating this incredibly friendly atmosphere in our establishment. We encourage guests to chat away and laugh their heads off – it makes us feel good when we see that you’re feeling good! All of our staff have plenty of experiencing serving groups, and this is reflected in the attention to detail they provide. There’ll always be a happy helper nearby to top up your glass of wine, provide condiments, or give advice on menu choices.

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More Than Enough Space For Your Group

You don’t have to worry about feeling cramped and struggling to move when you dine with us. As a group friendly restaurant, we ensure that there’s more than enough space for your whole group. We can comfortably seat tables of 20+ people so you can enjoy a fun get together with colleagues, family, or old friends.

We even have specific rooms that can be booked out for events, but this moves into more of the private dining side of things – which you can find more information about on our site.

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A Group Friendly Restaurant Where Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

If you want a dining experience that’s packed full of excellent food, friendly staff members, and the best atmosphere, then come on down to Big Fin Seafood Kitchen. We have free Valet parking as well, and there’s even a drop-off point if your group wants to come in a mini-bus. Give us a call today if you’d like to make a group booking!