Corporate Events & Meetings Restaurant in Orlando, Florida

Big Fin Seafood Is Your #1 Choice For Corporate Dining

Corporate events & meetings can be terribly awkward affairs at the best of times. Not to mention when you go to a restaurant that just adds to the awkwardness with small tables, a limited menu, and a terrible atmosphere. Luckily, Bin Fin Seafood is the polar opposite of this! We’re a corporate events & meetings restaurant in Orlando that’s perfect for large group gatherings. Our team is always on-hand to help you with everything – we’ll even help plan the event for you! With private dining rooms and a highly flexible menu; we’ve got everything you need for the perfect corporate dining experience.

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Custom Menus Tailored To Your Event

We’ve all been to corporate events that have terrible food choices. One thing we pride ourselves on is the menu here at Big Fin. It’s large, and packed full of exquisite options like Whole Maine Lobster, Filet Mignon, and so much more. We want to offer a variety, which enables us to satisfy all the guests at your event.

Not only that, but we offer custom menus that are tailored specifically for your event. You get to choose what’s being served, which gives you the chance to ensure there’s something on there that every guest can enjoy. Let us know of any dietary requirements beforehand, and we can create dishes for them as well.

Plenty Of Space & Private Rooms

It’s usually difficult to find a restaurant that will accommodate all of your corporate guests. Particularly if you’re hosting a large event with hundreds of people. Well, at Big Fin, we make life much easier for you. Our corporate events & meetings restaurant has plenty of space to host your event. The main dining area can seat intimate groups of up to 20, but the main attractions are our private rooms.

For small corporate events or meetings with up to 50 people, you can enjoy any of these options:

  • The Pacific Room: has room for up to 50 seated guests
  • Patio West Side: 50 seated guests and room for 50 more in a cocktail reception style
  • Trophy Bar: 20 seated guests or 35 people in a cocktail reception style

If you need even more space, then there are four more options as well:

  • Atlantic Room: can hold 72 seated guests
  • Main Dining Room: Can be booked out to seat 90 people (can be boosted to 120 if you book the Trophy Bar as well)
  • Bar-A-Cuda Patio Bar: Seats 56 people with 24 more at the bar and 150 served in a cocktail reception

What’s the fourth option? Well, if you need to host a huge corporate event, then you can book out our entire restaurant! Here, you can seat 270 people with ease, and serve 500 in a reception style.

You will struggle to find another corporate events & meetings restaurant in Orlando that offers this many seating options. No matter the size of your event/meeting, we’ll accommodate you!

AV Equipment & Entertainment For Corporate Events

At Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, we provide state-of-the-art AV equipment to accompany your corporate event/meeting. We understand that there’s sometimes a bit of business before you can enjoy the evening and tuck into your dinner. So, we’ve got it all covered for you.

Talk to us before you book, and we can set you up with the following:

  • 10ft projection screens
  • Wireless microphones
  • DVD players
  • Streaming Devices (Apple, Chrome, Fire Sticks)
  • Cable television

We may be able to provide more, just ask us while you book! Now, you can hook up your laptop to the projector and run a presentation, host a corporate meeting, and ensure that everyone remains fully engaged.

To go along with this, we can also help with some entertainment options too. If you want to add some extra spice to your event after dinner, then we have contacts with various entertainers, DJ’s, and live bands in Orlando.

A Stellar Service From An Award-Winning Restaurant

It’s vital that you make the right choice when hosting corporate events & meetings. We understand that this can make or break your reputation. When you choose us as your corporate events & meetings restaurant, you get to enjoy an award-winning experience.

We’ve won multiple accolades over the years thanks to our exceptional food and stellar service. Some of these are handed out by prestigious companies that prove we’re more than capable of hosting your corporate dining experience. All of our staff are highly experienced and incredibly friendly. They’ll always be nearby to provide any assistance and make your guests feel at home.

Give us a call today if you’d like to book a corporate event or meeting at Big Fin Seafood Kitchen. We’ll discuss all your requirements, find a date that suits us both, and start planning for a fantastic day/night!