The Best Date Night Ideas Near Dr. Phillips, Orlando

One of the most beautiful areas of the greater Orlando area is the Dr. Phillips suburb. The Dr. Phillips suburb is located not far from the action-packed theme parks of the Universal Studios Resort and the busy stretch of International Drive.

Within the suburb itself, beautiful estates and golf courses dot the land. Sandlake Drive is the most popular hot spot in the neighborhood, featuring a variety of shops, spas, and shops. Even more popular is a stretch that is known as Restaurant Row, which offers a wide variety of cuisines and dining options.

If you’re looking for a great night out, the Dr. Phillips suburbs offers a huge amount of different options. Read on, and we’ll walk you through the best date night ideas you can take advantage of.

Hit Up Restaurant Row

There are so many wonderful and high-end restaurants along SandLake Drive that the nickname Restaurant Row was all but inevitable.

If you’re looking to have an amazing sit-down dinner as part of your evening, there are a number of amazing dining locations in the area. The great food is just one reason that Orlando remains a popular destination for all Floridians. There is a large variety of different types of foods and dining experiences within just a few blocks.

Whether you’re in the mood for Thai, seafood, Mexican, or just skipping straight to dessert, they’ll be an option for you and your date.

It’s recommended that you make a reservation prior to leaving your home. The restaurants on Restaurant Row are among the more popular in the city, and long wait times can be expected. If you’re from out of town and staying at a hotel, you can have the hotel concierge make the reservation for you.

Parking is ample at and around the many Restaurants that make up Restaurant Row, meaning you’ll never need to worry or plan ahead about getting the perfect spot. With a reservation in hand, you can roll up and enjoy some of the best cuisines the city has to offer.

Spend Some Time By The Water

A little bit of nature and fresh air after a big meal can be one of the best mood-setters for a night out. Lucky for those living or visiting Dr. Phillips, the Big Sand Lake offers just an opportunity.

Big Sand Lake is one of the most popular fishing destinations for Orlando residents. But walking around the large body of water can also provide a relaxing place to talk and unwind. There is a short walking path that loops around the lake that you can take in the evening.

The loop is often quiet and not too crowded with other civilians, giving you a comfortable and private environment to enjoy one another’s company.

Spend Some Time With Your Inner Kid

A nice dinner and quiet evening can be one approach to your evening. But ripping through an elaborate go-kart course with your date can be another. Need a little more adrenaline on your night out? It can be worth visiting the Andretti Indoor Karting and Game Center.

Andretti is one of the Orlando area’s premier entertainment venues, offering 155,000 square feet of fun to visitors from far and wide. You can crush the arcade games, duke it out in laser tag, or get food and drinks from the bar.

If you think a little more childish fun can bring the best out of your date night, there’s nary a better place to visit. Despite the amazing wealth of fun and options, Andretti is still affordable to enter and play at. That means it’s a date night option that doesn’t have to break the bank.

It’s also great to pair with another activity. Try an early afternoon at Andretti and then drive over to Restaurant Row to serve the big appetite you’ve whipped up. It’s a perfect combination.

Try To Escape An Escape Room

Another type of a night out that has been growing rapidly in popularity is the concept of the escape room. What’s an escape room, if you haven’t yet been to one?

It’s a room you and your date are locked in to. The only way out of the room to work together to solve various riddles and clues that will help you unlock doors back to freedom. An escape room can be a great and unique date night idea. It can help to bring you a bit closer to your date or inspire you to connect in a way that you might not over drinks.

The Escape Game Orlando is located right on the edge of the Dr. Phillips suburb and is a great place to bring your date to try out the escape room experience. Many of the escape rooms here are themed, so you can have a bigger say in what kind of experience you want to have.

Escape Rooms can be an affordable and out-of-the-box way to create a memorable date night experience.

Best Date Night Ideas In The Dr. Phillips Suburb

There’s not a better place to spend a night out in Orlando than the Dr. Phillips suburb. The above are some of the best date night ideas that you can take advantage of in the area. With the right planning, you can make your date night one to remember.

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