Voted Best Seafood Orlando

It Has Never Been Easier to Find the Best Seafood Restaurants in Orlando

When you come across a stellar selection of restaurants such as that of Restaurant Row in Dr. Phillips, how do you decide which restaurant to spend your evening in? From the outside, every restaurant looks promising. Where can you turn to find evidence of what is to be found inside?

Lucky for our generation, you can easily determine which restaurant holds the most promise for your taste by performing a quick search on the internet. All you have to do is either search for a specific restaurant and discover their individual reviews and awards or search for the best restaurant in Dr. Phillips which will serve your current appetite. For instance, you could search for the best seafood restaurant in Orlando on Restaurant Row.

The best seafood restaurant in Dr. Phillips is right around the corner.

If you’re hoping for a delicious seafood dinner tonight, what you’re likely to find in your search is that you are within a stone’s throw of the absolute best seafood restaurant in Orlando. That restaurant is the local favorite Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, where you are sure to have an excellent dining experience—guaranteed, that is, by Orlando residents and food critics. They aren’t simply saying that Big Fin Seafood Kitchen is the best, either. They love it so much, it has been voted best seafood restaurant in Orlando by way of several great restaurant review sights and by way of Orlando’s most popular news sources.

Expedia voted Big Fin Seafood Kitchen “Restaurant of the Year” for Orlando!

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen is especially proud of their Restaurant of the Year award from the Local Expert at Expedia. They were awarded this title twice, in 2013 and again in 2014, and were the only restaurant chosen out of all of the amazing restaurants in Orlando. Such an honor is a signal that Big Fin Seafood Kitchen offers consistently satisfying and expertly prepared food. They have only been here, in Orlando, for a little over five years. Yet, it would appear that they’ve had the perfect formula down from the start.

As if being named Restaurant of the Year isn’t enough, Big Fin Seafood Kitchen has also gotten praise and certifications from several credible websites which are sources for restaurant reviews and critiques. TripAdvisor, a well-known review site for many aspects of a person’s travel itinerary, honored Big Fin Seafood Kitchen with their Certificate of Excellence for four years in a row. Zagat has also recognized Big Fin Seafood Kitchen’s tendency toward excellence, by awarding them their Excellence Rating for three consecutive years. Zagat is an extremely comprehensive and reputable restaurant review website which travelers and residents can count on to give honest assessments and critiques of nearby restaurants.

The buzz about Big Fin Seafood Kitchen goes beyond the web and straight to print!

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen is not just seeing praise over the web. The evidence of their success as the best Orlando seafood restaurant can also be found in print! The Orlando Weekly and the Orlando Sentinel both offered high praises for this Orlando seafood restaurant in their yearly restaurant award events. Big Fin Seafood Kitchen was given the title of Best Seafood Restaurant in Orlando in both the Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards and in the Best of Orlando Awards from Orlando Weekly.

What is it about a dinner at Big Fin Seafood Kitchen that sends diners racing to the polls and inspires them to offer up five stars on top review websites? There are many elements which combine to make this restaurant the best seafood restaurants in Orlando. Of course, a great seafood dinner starts with fresh seafood. At Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, the seafood is so fresh and superb that you are sure to be taken back to that memorable sea-side meal that you thought you would never be able to enjoy anywhere else ever again. Indulge in a Jumbo King Crab Legs, Bay Scallops, Gulf Caught Black Grouper, Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna, Big Fin Swordfish Filet Mignon and New Orleans BBQ Shrimp plus world class sushi.

The best Orlando seafood—and then some!

Also essential to a great seafood restaurants Orlando, however, is a satisfying number of alternatives—for those in your group who aren’t in the mood for seafood. Big Fin Seafood Kitchen doesn’t simply offer a few select alternatives. They have many fine and inventive dishes which feature such items as chicken, pasta and steak.

Of course, an excellent Orlando seafood restaurant will be backed by a talented and stunning staff—from the kitchen to the dining room. Big Fin Seafood Kitchen has expertly trained chefs, in their kitchen, who pride themselves by preparing each dish to perfection. Such perfection is an important part of maintaining their reputation for satisfaction, and is a major part of their position as the best seafood restaurant in Orlando FL. Their high standard for customer service completes the overall experience, as a good meal can be greatly off-set by poor service.

See for yourself, and be the next guest eager to leave a five-star review!

Let Big Fin Seafood Kitchen amaze you, this evening. Call (407) 615-8888 and reserve your table, then visit the Big Fin Seafood Kitchen website at to get an idea of the menu options to come. Take a look at their vast collection of awards, voted Restaurant of the Year on Expedia and voted Best Seafood Restaurant in Orlando at the Orlando Sentinel. Next time you visit Restaurant Row, you’ll know where to find the best seafood in Orlando.