Best Seafood Restaurants Orlando

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen has the Orlando Seafood You’ve Been Missing!

How long has it been since you’ve had a seafood dish that really knocked your socks off? If you’ve ever had such an experience, you’re certain to remember it and to wish for such amazing preparation every time you order it elsewhere. However, it is often the case that no dish compares to the one that you remember. This is often true even more so if that seafood was enjoyed at a sea-side restaurant, many of which are known for having the most stellar, impressive and fresh seafood. Many people give up hope of ever having such delicate and tasty crab cakes, such flavorful mussels, or such a satisfying crabmeat cocktail as they had at that restaurant so long ago.

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen will raise the bar on your top seafood experience.

In Orlando, however, there is a top Orlando seafood restaurant which serves up memories like these on a daily basis—and more. This restaurant knows how to cook or prepare seafood staples so that they are presented at their best, yet they also have a flare for innovative new dishes. That seafood restaurant in Orlando is Big Fin Seafood Kitchen. It is a common occurrence, at this restaurant, for diners to re-discover that superbly prepared seafood dish that they had once thought long-lost. Even more commonly, diners come to Big Fin Seafood Kitchen and have that initial mind-blowing seafood dining experience to which no other will compare from then on.

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen has had a presence in the Dellagio Town Center of Restaurant Row as a great seafood restaurant in Dr. Phillips for over five years, now. Along the way, they have collected many awards and honors, thanks to feedback and nominations by their guests. They have gained four years’ worth of Certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor and three years’ worth of Excellence Ratings from Zagat. To top off their amazing reputation on the internet, the Local Expert from Expedia awarded Big Fin Seafood Kitchen Restaurant of the Year for 2013 and 2014—an honor exclusive to this Orlando restaurant for those years.

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, the best seafood restaurant in Orlando FL, has the freshest seafood and a top-notch staff.

What is it that makes Big Fin Seafood Kitchen worthy of such certificates? Primarily, of course, their success comes from their high standard for food preparation and presentation. This Orlando seafood restaurant keeps up a fresh kitchen, bringing their patrons fresh seafood favorites such as lobster tails, crab claws and legs, shrimp cocktails, and even sushi. They prepare each entree and appetizer with care and passion, ensuring that each guest will enjoy a thoughtfully created meal.

Another portion of their success comes from their awesome staff. Big Fin Seafood Kitchen puts in the effort to train their service staff so that they have a full understanding of the menu and they also prioritize customer satisfaction. In the kitchen, Big Fin Seafood Kitchen has some of the best chefs in Orlando, each with a drive to create, cook and impress. A great staff and a lively, comfortable atmosphere have made Big Fin Seafood Kitchen one of the locals’ favorite seafood places to dine.

Orlandoans love Big Fin Seafood Kitchen.

The residents of Orlando and the visitors have both taken notice of how well-put-together this restaurant is and, as such, they took it upon themselves to nominate Big Fin Seafood Kitchen for Best Seafood Restaurant in Orlando in the local newspapers the Orlando Weekly and the Orlando Sentinel. Big Fin Seafood Kitchen won this honor in the Best of Orlando 2013 awards from the Orlando Weekly, as well as in the 2014 Foodie Awards from the Orlando Sentinel. These awards take into consideration all of the possible dining destinations in Orlando, compiling the top-voted into a comprehensive list for the year.

Stop over to the Big Fin Seafood Kitchen website, at, to get a feel for their seafood selection. You will have the opportunity to select from favorite indulgences like Whole Maine Lobster and lobster tail, Alaskan king crab claws and legs, Jumbo Scallops, and a variety of oysters. You can get adventurous with their appetizers, try Surf ‘n’ Turf sushi, or select from their fantastic global seafood menu. There are even alternative selections for those in your party who aren’t interested in seafood, whether they are craving steak, chicken, salad or pasta.

Now, the question is: will you re-discover an old favorite, or try something new?

To treat yourself to a truly memorable and gratifying seafood dinner, call Big Fin Seafood Kitchen and start a reservation, at (407) 615-8888. You’ll be dining at one of the best seafood restaurants in Orlando FL, which delivers fresh and exciting seafood in both classic and inventive varieties. You can trust their amazing reputation with the people of Orlando and with the many travelers who have discovered its convenient location near International Drive and I-4.